Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Video evaluation

This is our video evaluation which is evaluated by Kashif Zaman.

Audience Feedback

We have shown our film to our target audience and they have given us video feedback of what they thought of the film and given us a review. We have chosen two people to make it more fair.

Codes And Conventions Of Film Opening

The codes of a film opening would be mostly technical codes due to mostly being designed and also edited on computers. A film opening will also have symbolic codes as in the openings the characters will have symbolic codes to signify to the audience whether they are the good guys or bad guys. For example, in The Incredibles opening scene, they are wearing the similar designed clothing and the same colour which is red which suggests to the audience that they are on the same team. The colour is symbolic as it could show that they are the bad guys as red is associated with blood, fire and various other things which are mainly considered evil with the colour red. Even though the opening is done solely on computer, you can still find symbolic codes such as the clothing and colours. In the opening it shows you what genre the film is as it is an animation and the opening is done on computer which suggests to the audience that the film will be an animation. In the opening sequence you see the characters mostly fighting/martial arts which suggests that it will be an action film aswell as fighting connotes to the audience that there will be lots of fights scenes and that its an action animation film. The costumes suggest to the audience that it might also be a superhero film. Film openings usually have the companies logo in order to show that they own the film so we would expect the pixar or Disney logo to be present in the incredibles opening scene but instead the logo of the incredibles is shown which suggests that they want the logo of the incredibles to be instantly recognisable.

Another thing which audiences will expect from a film opening is the title credits and cast. The incredibles opening scene does show the cast and who will do the voice overs for which character and also includes the names of the people who created the film for example the director Brad Bird. The opening also depicts what will happen in the film without essentially ruining the plot. The opening does this by showing random fights from the film just as a film trailer would do. We can see in the opening sequence that the team who are most likely to be the incredibles (due to them wearing red as it is the main color in the opening) fighting a giant robot which suggests to the audience that the robot will most likely be the bad guy or that it might be a weapon used by another party.

we can compare the opening of the incredibles to the opening of iron man and see similar things:
we can see that both openings are done on computer where they have been edited. Both depict what the movie will be about such as iron man depicting a robot or a man in an iron suit which depicts that it will be futuristic or be an action film. Also both include casting credits and titles which is what most film openings have.

Filmography: The Incredibles
Year: 2004

Filmography: Iron man
year: 2008

The opening sequences for the two examples:

The Incredibles -

Iron Man -

Kallams Return Final Version - Re-edited

This is the final version of our film which we have slightly re-edited. In the final version we decided to edit the ending title and also have added a little whisper at the end where Kallam confirms that he will get his revenge on the bullies. The whisper at the end makes the film less confusing to the audience as they now know why he attacked one of the bullies (Farhan) at the beginning of the film which is set one month after the rest of the movie and the rest of the movie is told in flashback. The whisper at the end also counts as dialogue which is good as we don't have that much dialogue but just enough to understand what is happening in the plot.

Kallams Return - Draft

This is the draft of our horror film. In the film the protagonist Kallam is tormented and bullied by three of his classmates and when they push Kallam too far he turns the tables and exacts revenge. In our film we have done various different camera shots and angles but the shot we mainly wanted for our film was the first person view where Kallam is on the swings and can see his tormentors approaching and also the heavy breathing as they come near signifies that Kallam is terrified of them. we had to retake the scene where Kallam is on the swings as he found it tricky to keep the handheld camera steady whilst swinging and me, Farhan and Kashif also found it hard to get the timing right to walk into the shot. We also edited the lighting in the park scene to make it seem darker and grittier than it actually is. For our final scene we decided to have the setting in the woods as the trees naturally cause the surroundings to be dim which causes a more eerie effect to the audience and connotes that something bad will happen. The story is being told in flashback and tells the story of why Kallam decides to kill the bullies. We have also added casting names to our characters when they appear on screen so the audience know who they are and also the names are in specific colour such as red for the bullies to signify they are evil and associated with violence as red is the colour of blood. For Kallam we have chosen a bright blue colour to signify he is the protagonist. The clothing in the final scene shows Kallam in white which is associated with good but when he puts on the mask his clothes are now black which suggest he has had a change of heart and has turned evil.

Preliminary Final

This is our final preliminary video we have done. In the draft there was no dialogue which was replaced by texting on mobile phones but we have changed it from the draft and we have added dialogue instead of texts. In our draft we experimented with different camera angles and shots and learned which would make our preliminary more enjoyable instead of linear and bland. We had to consider which shots we wanted to make the audience feel that they are following the character as he gets a phone call.

Animatic final

This is our final media story board animatic which we have done for our film. Our draft we made was too confusing as to what the plot was. My group have added more detail to the story board such as adding in curtains and desks to show that it is a classroom. Also we have colored each character in a certain colour as to make it clear as to what is going on. We also show how the flashback will work in our film as we start the film in the present day as shown in the story board and then we flash back to a month before to set out the plot and why there is a killer on the loose.